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Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG is an action game created by Gameloft. The action game is set in fantasy medieval times where players immerse in a world of combat and magic. Players have to fight their way while building a fortified castle.

Medieval World of Combat and Magic

Iron Blade - Medieval Legends RPG features melee combat and magic system. The settings take place in a fictionalized fantasy medieval Europe. The entire kingdom is plunged in chaos as hordes of monster ravage the lands. There is also a plot involving conspiracy in the kingdom. Players are tasked to hunt down vicious monsters, defeat each monstrous waves, unravel the truth and fulfill their destiny of finally sealing them away. Players can expect rich lore, epic warriors and even arcane mysteries which fans of high-fantasy fiction will surely love it. This game has a console-quality graphics that everyone can enjoy anywhere they play. There are breathtaking sceneries and real-world locations that players can discover. Some of the enemies that players can encounter are the Notre Dame Demon Knights and Transylvanian vampires. More monsters and dangerous bosses inhabit at dungeon strongholds. The controls are innovative but easy to pick up. It is optimized for dungeon-crawling while fitting for mobile devices. It encourages players to be on the move rather than a sitting duck. They can expect that the game will throw them in heart-pounding battles one after another. Players can unleash powerful attacks, smooth combos and finishing moves through simple taps and swipes. There are various types of melee weapons and enchanted armors to collect, similar to other RPG adventure games. Players can also harness magic that allows them to release powerful spells. Upgrading weapons, armor, and magic can improve their monster hunting experience. The game features a rating system. Players have to accumulate a higher rating after completing a scene in order to progress for the next scene and to complete the story mission. The other RPG mechanic included is building a kingdom. Players can also participate in PvP challenges to find out who is the best monster slayer in the world. They have to fortify their castles and defense for repelling any attacks from rival players. Attacks are constant while players are idle or away. They can also enact war against others for looting valuable resources.

High Fantasy Warfare 

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG offers engaging action combat in high-fantasy settings. It has an innovative control complemented with beautiful art rendered in 3D. Players can defeat challenging monsters as well as other rival kingdoms.


  • Optimized controls and simplified attacking
  • Outlandish attacks, spells and finishing moves
  • Fictionalized fantasy medieval Europe with rendered artworks
  • Kingdom building with PvP feature


  • Repetitive hack and slash combat
  • Takes time to grind for materials and resources
  • Progression depends on player skill rating
  • Contains brutal fantasy violence

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